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“It was Amy Anderson who took a good book and made it great. Amy, you are amazing." – Darren Hardy, Success Mentor and New York Times Bestselling Author
“Amy is a consummate pro with amazing ideas and the ability to go wide and deep on strategy and execution.” – John Assaraf, CEO of PraxisNow and New York Times Bestselling Author
“Amy absolutely lived up to her phenomenal reputation.” – Stephen Woessner, CEO of Predictive ROI and Host of Onward Nation Podcast
Amy Anderson is an Emmy Award-winning writer, nonfiction book editor, speaker, and entrepreneur. She jumps out of bed every day to help other people tell their story and share their message with the world.

If you’d met her 20 years ago, you’d never believe any of this was possible.

Amy's Story

Today, Amy has a beautiful life helping people who help others. She lives in Texas with her son and their dog, cat, and hermit crabs. But it wasn't always so rosy.

Amy grew up in an abusive environment and struggled with drinking early, losing her National Merit Scholarship and friendships along the way. She spent many unhappy years battling alcoholism and addiction. Thankfully, nearly 20 years ago, Amy got sober and started writing her own story. 
She went back to school as an adult and got her degree in English at the University of Texas at Arlington and did graduate studies in creative writing at the University of North Texas. She landed a job at the local ABC-TV affiliate, writing and producing for creative services. To her shock and everyone’s surprise, she earned two Emmy Award nominations—and one win—for her work at the station.
In 2005, Amy started her own freelance writing business and worked with clients all over the country while remotely serving on the editorial staffs of several magazines.
In 2008, she served as Managing Editor and then Senior Editor of SUCCESS magazine, where she met and interviewed acclaimed experts, celebrities, and leaders. She worked with legends and up-and-comers in the personal development industry and gained invaluable lessons about success in life and business. Today she serves as the Side Hustle columnist for SUCCESS, helping people turn side hustles into success stories.
In 2012, she relaunched her business, Anderson Content Consulting LLC. She and her team have since worked with companies like Advisors Excel, Ryan, Predictive ROI, and Dell, as well as with clients such as John Assaraf, Darren Hardy, John Addison, Stacy Tuschl, Shawn Achor, and Todd Duncan.
Her writing has been published over 150 times.

Did You Know:

  • Amy's posts on have been shared over 110,000 times.
  • Amy's articles have been published over 150 times in regional, national, and international publications.
  • Amy was nominated for an Emmy Award twice for her work in television promotions - she won the Emmy in 2005.
  • Since 2005, Amy has been a business owner and understands the unique challenges of entrepreneurship.

She guides coaches, consultants, and small business owners to plan, write, and launch their books to create lasting change for themselves and their followers.
Amy believes in clear missions, powerful messages, and engaging writing that transforms readers into clients. She provides workshops on book writing and messaging, and she delivers keynotes that offer audiences insight into her personal experience in the areas of resilience, authenticity, and courage to share your own story.
Amy is a regular podcast guest. She’s been featured on Success Insider, Onward Nation, She’s Building Her Empire, The ReLaunch Show, Absolute Advantage, and more.




Words are powerful, but in the end, it’s what we do that matters most.



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