Write a Powerful, Engaging, Professional Book About Your Experience and Expertise in 6 Months

You really can write a book that helps others AND builds your business.


You know you have a lot to share but…the idea of writing a book may feel overwhelming.

There are so many what ifs and unknowns.

You wonder if your book idea is any good. You don’t know how to structure and organize your book. You don't know where to find the time (and self-discipline!) to write. And you don’t know what to do to get it published.

What you DO know is that a quality, well-written book could dramatically change your business and your life.

Build a community. An emotionally engaging book about your experience and expertise can connect with potential clients and partners like nothing else can. It's time to move beyond helping one person at a time and build a community of followers.

Create a system. A book organized around a sound strategy, a professional structure, and a step-by-step execution process delivers results for your readers. You can use a system to move people through your work together, making your efforts consistent and efficient.

Enhance your reputation. A well-written and edited book stands far and above the other rushed, short-cut books on the market by your competitors. You will attract the right clients with a book that represents your standards as a thought leader.

Create opportunities. The right publishing and marketing approach for your particular vision is what matters most, not what all the gurus say. Whether you use your book for speaking gigs, lead generation, or part of your coaching curriculum, it's time to make the right choices for you and your business.

The right book at the right time can transform your reputation, open doors to new partnerships, and establish a pipeline of new clients. 

And yes...

People Still Want to Read

Be a Thought Leader

In 2017, over 90% of U.S. citizens read at least 5 books.

Make a Difference

Self-publishing is a $1.25 billion industry in the United States alone. And it's growing.

Increase Clients

Publishing a book can boost a company’s ability to generate new clients by 63%.

What would your business look like today if you could increase your ability to get new clients by 63 percent?

As the former senior editor and now entrepreneur and columnist for SUCCESS magazine, I’ve spent 10 years interviewing experts and entrepreneurs to share the power of their stories with readers.

I’ve read letters from countless people who held a magazine in their hands and were moved, inspired, and prompted to act thanks to one person’s story. 

And it wasn’t because the featured person was famous. Some of the most impactful, enlightening, and memorable stories were about people I had never heard of until writing about them.

Business owners, experts, artists, and thought leaders have the same access to the universal power of story as any big name in their industry.

Hi, I’m Amy Anderson, and I help authors write and edit New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon bestsellers.

For years as a business owner, I helped other people share their stories and never thought of sharing my own. Until one day, I was asked to write about my own story for SUCCESS magazine.

From that point on, everything changed.

I understood in a deeper way what it meant to be authentic, vulnerable, and open with the people I wanted to help. I heard directly from people whose lives were touched by my sharing. And my willingness to tell my story earned respect—and business.

Today, I guide experts, artists, entrepreneurs, and coaches on the journey of writing a book about their experience and expertise. 

You can hear from people all over the world who read YOUR story and see themselves in the pages. And you can earn the trust, admiration, and business of people who need your experience and expertise to guide them.

The process I share focuses on helping you do five main things that will determine your success in writing a book to help others and build your business:

Clarify your vision.

Knowing you’re creating the right book at the right time gives you a sense of purpose. Without a clear vision, many authors end up writing books that cover too much varied material and fail to make a strong impact with readers.

Establish structure.

As you organize your content around a proven system, you’ll create a map to follow in writing your book. Trying to get all your ideas down on the page will overwhelm you if you don’t have a clear path to follow.

Create a rhythm.

Small, consistent action creates a rhythm that achieves big results—both in business and in writing. Many new authors fall into the habit of writing only when inspiration strikes and give up on their book when they can’t make consistent progress.

Refine your content.

Editing and proofreading are like icing on the cake—but who wants cake without icing? Putting an unedited book into your readers hands can not only drive them away but ruin your professional reputation in the process.

Deliver results. 

Getting your book published and into the hands of the right readers is the ultimate goal. Many otherwise savvy would-be authors fall prey to deceptive publishing practices or costly marketing schemes.

Over the years that I’ve helped people become authors, I’ve discovered three big questions that hold people back from writing their book.

1. Can I really do this?

Where would I start?

What topic should I choose?

Am I ready to share my personal story?

How do I organize my ideas?

How do I structure a book?

How do I fight the fear?

2. How do I find the time?

How do I write around a full-time job, business, and family obligations?

How will I get myself to sit down and make it a priority?

Do I need a writing routine?

Can I write a book in under an hour a day?

How will I keep going without an outside deadline to motivate me?

What do I do when I feel stuck?

3. How should I market and publish?

Should I self-publish or traditionally publish?

Do I need an agent or an editor?

If I self-publish, how do I do that?

What kind of marketing really works?

Who will read it?

How do I deal with negative reviews?

The right book is already inside you.

It’s time to let it out!

I’m excited to introduce:

The Right Book Mastermind

A 6-month virtual program designed to provide you with the structure, guidance, and support to write your book, so you can share your story, change lives, and grow your business.


Here’s the secret to a successful book:

You’ve got to write the right book at the right time for the right people.

The right book creates a community of followers. With a community of followers, you can pursue your deep work in the world. You can attract the right clients. You can share a system that codifies your solutions and lessons to help people get results. And you can become the industry leader you know you can be.

It all starts with the right book.

But...maybe you’ve seen book-writing programs that encourage you to write a book in 30 or 90 days. How about the ones that suggest you just record yourself talking and publish the transcript as a book?

While there are systems for that approach if those are the results you want, the challenge many authors find in this type of speed-over-quality process is this:

Your book is not just a tool for business growth.

This book is your legacy.

I work with authors who not only want to create a business building tool, but they also want to create a lasting, impactful, and meaningful book. A book that alters perspectives. A book that changes lives. Including your own.

The book writing journey will change you AND your business. 

This mastermind is different than most mainstream book programs because we focus on developing a powerful book that builds your business in the fastest, best way possible without skimping on substance, quality, and great writing.

Make 2019 the year of your book.

Here's how it works:

With The Right Book Mastermind, you’ll:

Write your book in six monthly steps. Timelines, guides, checklists, and charts will organize your ideas and help you create a road map you can follow each month. I’ve also created short training videos to explain new strategies and share quick tips on how to get the most out of each step.

And to help you personalize your book-writing journey...

Get six 90-minute live virtual Writing Workshops with me and the mastermind team. In each informative and interactive workshop, we’ll go deeper into one big step toward completing your book. These sessions won’t just be about staring at a talking head. We’ll be working and forging ahead together. During each workshop, you’ll have time to write, reflect, and expand your vision as you make progress toward your finished manuscript.

Get six live virtual Q&A Sessions with me and receive the feedback you need to clear your head and keep moving. No more staying stuck because you’re not sure if one part of your book works or you’ve hit a wall with how to move forward.

Be part of The Right Book Mastermind members-only Facebook community for 1 year where you’ll find like-minded experts, artists, entrepreneurs, and coaches who are on a journey to share their stories and build their businesses. You’ll also find accountability and encouragement here as you share your challenges and triumphs.

Receive support and guidance as you go so you can affirm your direction, maintain your momentum, and overcome any hurdles as a group. Writing does not need to be a solitary pursuit.


Writing a book with a group is a rewarding, fun experience and delightfully different than slogging along on your own.

You’ll have people who truly understand what you’re doing and who can offer the kind of support that only comes from empathy.


I'll be by your side the whole time.

Yes, you will be the one doing the writing. But those late-night questions, storytelling self-doubts, and editing frustrations that arise for everyone who ever writes a book won’t win with you.

  • We’ll establish a strong book structure from the beginning, so you can start fast without skimping on quality.
  • We’ll write every time we’re together, so you’re making steadfast, measurable progress.
  • And we’ll create a clear vision with outside deadlines, so you stay motivated all the way to the finish.

You have the expertise and the experiences to create a compelling book.

The Right Book Mastermind opens to members on December 11. 

Each month, you'll receive everything you need to take the next step.

Month 1: Mine Your Story – Pull out your most powerful content and develop your book strategy.

When you jump into writing without a solid strategy and book structure, you can get lost, discouraged, and even blocked. We’ll get you started fast but strong, so you can stay the course.

In the first month, we’ll think through your entire book, starting with your overall mission and message. You’ll narrow down your book topic, and you’ll build a system to deliver your lessons so readers get results. You'll examine your personal feelings around stories you want to share. Then we’ll ensure that your book achieves your larger goals. As we wrap the month, we’ll start sketching out a rough marketing strategy so you can think through the resources you’ll need to move ahead.

You’ll get:

  • Short training video that breaks down book strategy and shows how to clarify your mission both personally and professionally, why you need to refine your message, and how to align your book topic with your big goals.
  • Reader Research Guide to help you uncover what your readers want so you know what they need to hear BEFORE you start writing to them.
  • Month-by-Month Book Timeline to guide you throughout your entire book writing journey, so you can spend your valuable time writing instead of fearing the unknown or wondering what to do next.
  • The basics of book marketing, including how soon you need to get started, what elements you will and won’t need, and where to find the right resources.

Month 2: Refine and Shape – Organize your ideas and give your book a logical structure that flows.

There’s more to organizing your ideas than putting everything in alphabetical order. A book’s structure can make or break your readers’ experience with your writing and enhance their ability to get results from your advice.

If I handed you a box of ketchup instead of a bottle of ketchup, would you take it? Not likely. If I handed you a jar of bread, would that look appetizing to you? Doubtful. How you present your content determines whether or not people will consume it. Your book’s structure is like a container for your ideas, stories, and lessons. In this month, we’ll create the structure for your book, outline your chapters, and prepare a table of contents so that your container is as appealing as it is appropriate.

You’ll get:

  • Short training video that breaks down the essentials of structuring your book so you see the pros and cons of the best methods and can choose the right one for your content.
  • Book Outline Guide with options for organizing your book in a way that suits your style, content, and learning preferences so your outline is tailored for your personal use.
  • Mix and Match Chart for organizing all your stories, lessons, and ideas into an easy-to-read structure that will be an invaluable reference as you write.
  • The biggest mistakes authors make when structuring their content, dividing their chapters, and sharing stories in their book—and how to avoid them.

Month 3: Write Each Step – Create your writing ritual, commit to consistency, and start writing.

Perfectionism is the most common obstacle to consistent writing. Setting yourself up for success in writing your first draft is essential, and that starts with commitment and creativity—not a ton of extra time. 

This month, you’ll start writing your first draft. We’ll take a close look at your creative process, your preferences, and your schedule to optimize a writing routine that works for you and the demands of your life and business. When it comes to building momentum, a little time goes a long way. We’ll also examine how your writing commitment meets your goals and how you can get the most out of each writing session. The accountability and support of the mastermind will help you write each part of your book and increase your confidence as you see results.

You’ll get:

  • Short training video that breaks down the writing process, explains how to establish consistent writing habits, and gives insight into creating a flow of writing for an easier first draft experience.
  • Break Through Writer’s Block downloadable guide with the most common symptoms of writer’s block, their root causes, and customizable strategies for beating them so you can keep moving.
  • Storytelling Structure Chart to help you write your stories as interesting, engaging, and logical examples in your book that will keep people reading.
  • Support, accountability, and motivation from your mastermind community who are on the same writing journey as you, as well as feedback on your ideas, challenges, and questions as you go.

Month 4: Call Ahead for Help – While writing, reach out to future readers, friends, and existing followers to start marketing your book. 

It takes time to build awareness and enthusiasm about your release, so don’t wait until you’ve written the entire book before you begin marketing to the right readers and fans.

By expanding the marketing strategy you began in Month 1, you can gather readers, fans, and even promoters who will help you spread the word about your upcoming launch. During this month, as you continue to write your first draft, we’ll dig deeper into marketing and publishing concepts to help you firm up your plans. Will you use your book as a lead generation tool or part of a coaching package? We’ll also tap into the power of other people’s expectations and outside deadlines to keep you motivated as you continue to write your first draft.

You’ll get:

  • Short training video that breaks down the basics of marketing and publishing so you get an overview of your options, what needs to be done when, and how to deal with both negative and positive feedback when your book comes out.
  • Marketing Map with fill-in-the-blanks for your personal and professional priorities so you can create awareness about your book and gather readers ahead of the book release in ways that suit your personality and brand goals.
  • Publishing Lingo List with the terms and concepts that will help you make informed choices as you move into the publishing phase of your book launch.
  • The traps, tricks, and trade-offs authors fall into while trying to select reputable and responsible marketing and publishing options and how to avoid being scammed.

Month 5: Get a Bird’s Eye View – Apply developmental editing to your first draft by looking for significant changes, challenges, and errors.

Authors who publish their first full draft without applying a bird’s eye view to their content, mission, and overall message often miss major problems with their manuscripts that stand in the way of effective, successful books.

When you fly over a farm in a plane, you see a patchwork quilt of land, dotted with trees, ponds, and buildings. If you saw from the plane that there was a big hole in the barn roof, you’d land the plane and fix it. You wouldn’t get sidetracked with painting the fence on your way there. Now is the time in your writing process for fixing the big issues of your book, reviewing your structure to be sure it still holds, and applying any notes you made as you wrote your first draft. By the end of this month, you’ll have a solid second draft that’s ready for finer edits.

You’ll get:

  • Short training video that breaks down developmental editing into action steps so you can view your writing with more objectivity and make the tough choices that turn a good book into a great one.
  • Bird’s Eye View Checklist of items, issues, and irregularities to watch for in your first draft that will help you align your book with your mission, message, and voice.
  • Beta Reader Review Sheets to give to a few trusted readers who will give you both positive and constructive feedback at this stage of your writing and help you forge ahead with confidence in your content.
  • The professional editor’s shortcuts for developmental editing that fast-track your review process and quickly identify the most common first draft weaknesses.

Month 6: Polish and Share – Use self-editing techniques to copyedit your draft and polish the minor issues that create major problems on your way to publication.

Copyediting is about catching the grammar and spelling errors that  make you look less-than-professional, but it’s also about making the reading process as easy as possible for your people so they want to keep reading.

Spelling and grammar errors—or the fear of them—stop a lot of people from writing books. There’s an assumption that everyone who publishes a book writes with perfect grammar. Wrong! The truth is every professional writer makes errors, and every writer needs to copyedit their work. This phase of editing is like the final polish on your prose, and it sets your book apart from more rushed, less-refined books. The copyediting phase is also an opportunity to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the publication of your book. You’re almost there!

You’ll get:

  • Short training video that breaks down the copyediting process into easy steps so you can spot the mistakes, correct the typos, and polish your work to a high standard.
  • Self-Editing Checklist of the errors that editors see most frequently and that can trip up your readers, damage your brand, and diminish your professional image.
  • Recommended Publishing Resources as starting points for your next exciting chapter and to make your publishing process as simple as possible.
  • When to stop editing and let your book go so that you can move on and reap the benefits of being a published author.

Get Your Writing Done and Get Rewarded for Staying Consistent with

Weekly Challenges!

“How do I get myself to sit down and write?”

The Derriere in the Chair Challenge is a weekly challenge that gives you an attainable goal so you’re motivated to get your rear in the chair and actually write!

Each time you complete a Derriere in the Chair Challenge, you’ll be entered to win fun prizes. Staying consistent and writing your book can be rewarding in surprising ways!

You could write your book another way.

There are alternatives to the professional process I share in The Right Book Mastermind. You could...

Write it alone.

You could write the book yourself using free resources, motivate yourself to stay consistent, and then hold yourself accountable to see the whole thing through. You’d pay $0, but most people who try to write a book totally alone spend YEARS writing it. Not to mention the agonizing moments of self-doubt. 

Hire a writing coach.

You could hire a writing coach to work with you one-on-one throughout your book-writing process. They would guide you, share their writing experience, and motivate you to hit your deadlines. You’d pay between $7,000 and $35,000 over 6 months.

Hire a ghostwriter.

You could hire a ghostwriter, who would interview you, organize your ideas and content, and do their very best to recreate your voice as they wrote your book for you. You’d pay between $20,000 and $75,000 (or more) over 6 months.

Or you could write your book with us...

Your 6-Month Virtual Mastermind Membership PLUS 1-Year Private Community Access Includes:

Six Training Packs with videos, monthly implementation guides, checklists, journey maps, and customizable templates

Delivering the overall Trail Guide to your book writing journey in full detail, the six monthly Training Packs include your timeline, action plan, and troubleshooting resources all together. Inside, you’ll find the process you need to structure, write, and polish your book. You’ll write with confidence that you’re moving in the right direction.


Six 90-Minute Live Virtual Writing Workshops with interactive lessons, in-depth examples, and writing time

Get behind-the-scenes access to professional book writing systems, processes, and shortcuts in ways you can implement right away. I’ll spend time with you each month illuminating that month’s Training Pack and sharing exactly how I use the strategies in my own work and the work of my author clients. Then, I’ll show you how to apply the same strategies in your own book writing.

Six Live Virtual Q&A Sessions for group coaching and progress feedback

About halfway through each month, we’ll get together again to make sure you’re on the right track. You can send your questions, ask for feedback on your ideas, and get the support and guidance you’re craving. You do NOT have to write your book alone. During these interactive sessions, I’ll help you with all aspects of your book writing process.

1-Year Access to Private Mastermind Facebook Community

Wouldn’t it be lovely to come together with other people who are writing their own books and share the journey? That’s what the Mastermind Facebook community will enable you to do every day. You’ll meet and connect with other experts, artists, entrepreneurs, and coaches who are ready to cheer you on, offer supportive feedback, and give you that extra accountability when you need it. Your access won’t end after the six months are up, so you can still chat about marketing, ask publishing questions, and share your launch success with your fellow authors.

Weekly Writing Accountability

With our Derriere in the Chair Challenges, you’ll know what to strive for each week and be motivated to sit down and write. Plus, you’ll get rewarded for staying on track with prizes and surprises along the way. Consistency never felt so fun!

The #1 Myth About Writing a Book:

It takes more time than you have to give.


Here's the truth: 

If writing a book is one of your top priorities, you can write it using the method in The Right Book Mastermind and just a little time each day. 

Think about it like this: You already write at least 500 words a day in emails alone! What if you put those words in your book draft?

500 words per day x 5 days per week x 10 weeks = 25,000 words
25,000 words = 100 published pages 

And that’s if you only write for 10 weeks! If you’ve already got ideas written or if you write more than 500 words a day, you’re ahead of the curve.

The truth: Time follows your priorities.

Small Daily Steps = Big Progress

3 Membership Options to Join Us in

The Right Book Mastermind

Monthly Mastermind Member

Weekly Mastermind Member

Weekly Mastermind Member with Manuscript Review Service

Option #1: Monthly Member of The Right Book Mastermind

The Monthly Membership in The Right Book Mastermind includes:

  • Six Book Writing Training Packs with videos, downloads, checklists, and maps based on bestselling book creation to guide you through every step of writing your book.
  • Six Monthly Live 90-Minute Virtual Writing Workshops to apply the training to your own work and get your book finished.
  • Six Monthly Live 60-Minute Virtual Q&A Sessions to get your questions answered, feedback on your ideas, and group coaching so nothing holds you back.
  • 1-year access to Members-Only Facebook Group to connect, get support, and boost accountability.
  • Weekly Derriere in the Chair Challenge emails and the chance to win prizes to give you that extra push you need to reach the final draft.

Option #2: Weekly Member of The Right Book Mastermind

The Right Book Writing Retreat

Do you dream of holding a published book in your hands but need a step-by-step map to guide your writing journey?

One of my favorite ways to create is in a small group. There’s something magical about a group of creative, wise, caring people coming together to share ideas, get feedback, and write powerful stories.

If you also love the sound of that kind of creative, productive experience, you’ll want to join me for the online half-day Right Book Writing Retreat.

As a Weekly Member of The Right Book Mastermind, you’ll receive everything Monthly Members do, plus admission to the Right Book Writing Retreat, an online half-day creative workshop to release your idea in the best way for you.

The retreat is a working one, so you won’t just be listening to me lecture. We’ll be working, writing, strategizing. You’ll receive feedback for your ideas and support for your challenges. And you’ll gain clarity and direction as you create with other experts, artists, entrepreneurs, and coaches beginning their own book writing journey.

I’ll share my best how-to’s and hacks, so you get a full behind-the-scenes picture of the book writing process I use to help create bestselling books with my author clients. This means I’ll give you writing exercises, strategy guidance, and insider tips.


Join me for a collaborative virtual, small group writing retreat to create your book strategy, structure, and writing process with personalized feedback and guidance.

The Right Book Writing Retreat

January 9, 2019

Behind the scenes of a bestselling book-writing process

I’ll show you step-by-step how I walk bestselling authors through developing a winning book strategy, structure, and writing process. Then we’ll get started developing YOUR strategy, structure, and process so you can write right away!

In the Right Book Writing Retreat, we’ll discuss:

  • Your overall business mission and message
  • What topic is right for right now
  • How you’ll make money with your book
  • What your readers need from your book
  • How to structure your book for maximum effectiveness 

And we’ll work hands-on together so you’re sure to get:

Feedback on the viability of your book idea and in-depth analysis of your book writing questions.

Insights for your book marketing strategy and ideas for attracting your ideal readers and clients.

A front row seat to group coaching where you can learn from others and gain new perspective and insights.


1-Hour Private Coaching Call

As a Weekly Member of The Right Book Mastermind, you’ll also receive a 1-Hour Private Coaching Call with me.

On this full-hour strategy session with me via video conferencing, you can:

  • ask for writing feedback.
  • narrow your audience.
  • talk book structure.
  • get personalized coaching on your writing style.
  • review publishing options and more!

Just you and me: talking strategy, writing, and your soon-to-be-published book!


20 Weekly 75-Minute Virtual Group Writing Sessions

Would it help to know that you and I have a writing date EACH WEEK?

Well, we do. 

As a Weekly Member of The Right Book Mastermind, you’ll receive special invitations to 20 weekly Group Writing Sessions.

In these Group Writing Sessions, we’ll work heads-down, hands-on-keyboard to establish the vital rhythm you need to succeed. These are sacred times to write, think, and edit shoulder-to-shoulder with others who are on the same path.

We’ll also have a short group coaching time where we’ll set our writing session goals for that day, and I’ll answer any quick questions that may come up. 

These sessions are EXACTLY what you need if you have trouble writing consistently. Without a solid writing rhythm, you will find it nearly impossible to finish your book.

How would having someone hold you accountable for writing an hour each week change your progress toward your book writing goal? How much closer would your dream be to a reality?


Weekly Membership in The Right Book Mastermind includes everything in the Monthly Membership:

  • Six Book Writing Training Packs with videos, downloads, checklists, and maps based on bestselling book creation to guide you through every step of writing your book.
  • Six Monthly Live 90-Minute Virtual Writing Workshops to apply the training to your own work and get your book finished.
  • Six Monthly Live 60-Minute Virtual Q&A Sessions to get your questions answered, feedback on your ideas, and group coaching so nothing holds you back.
  • 1-year access to Members-Only Facebook Group to connect, get support, and boost accountability.
  • Weekly Derriere in the Chair Challenge emails and the chance to win prizes to give you that extra push you need to reach the final draft.
  • The Virtual Half-Day Right Book Writing Retreat to get hands-on help in a small group setting and a fast-track start to your finished book.
  • A 1-Hour Private Coaching Call with me to address any book issue related to writing, editing, marketing, or publishing your book.
  • 20 Weekly Virtual Group Writing Sessions to work shoulder-to-shoulder with other writers and me so you can make regular writing progress with that all-important outside accountability and writing rhythm.

Reality Check:

Six 90-Minute Writing Workshops
+ Six 60-Minute Q&A Implementation Sessions
+ Half-Day Writing Retreat
+ Twenty 75-minute Group Writing Sessions
+ Your 1-Hour Private Coaching Call
= 44 hours of writing coaching over 6 months
My hourly rate for writing coaching and consulting is $500.
Outside of this program, 44 hours of coaching time costs $22,000.

Option #3: Weekly Member of The Right Book Mastermind with Manuscript Review Service

Manuscript Review Service

You see how you could successfully write your book with this process. And you know that self-editing is effective when done correctly. But you want that extra level of polish on your manuscript before it goes to print.

As a book editor for New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling books, I’ve helped experts at all levels to get their message across in a way that resonates with readers, builds their reputation in the industry, and changes lives.

As a member of The Right Book Mastermind, you have the opportunity to let me read your finished manuscript and help you give it that extra professional edge.

When I do a full-service edit of a 50,000-word book, my typical fee is $15,000.

When I do Manuscript Review for a 50,000-word book, my typical fee is $3,500.

Through this program, I offer Manuscript Review Service to clients who want the input and suggestions of a professional editor at a SPECIAL RATE I only provide to mastermind members.


With Manuscript Review Service, you’ll get:

  • A professional read-through of your entire book draft, from title to closing thoughts.
  • A customized report detailing what works, what doesn’t, and what you can do about it. I’ll read your book with an ear for your voice and tone, alignment with your mission and message, clarity and persuasiveness of your stories and solutions, and strength of your logic and flow. I’ll also read for common grammatical and style errors just in case you missed any during your self-editing in Month 6 of the mastermind.
  • A 30-minute consultation with me to review your report and answer any questions you may have about implementing the suggested edits.

To be sure you’ve done all you can to create the best book possible, you’ll have one year from your enrollment to receive your Manuscript Review and work with me to get your professional editorial report.


Weekly Membership in The Right Book Mastermind with Manuscript Review Service includes everything in the Weekly Membership:

  • Six Book Writing Training Packs with videos, downloads, checklists, and maps based on bestselling book creation to guide you through every step of writing your book.
  • Six Monthly Live 90-Minute Virtual Writing Workshops to apply the training to your own work and get your book finished.
  • Six Monthly Live 60-Minute Virtual Q&A Sessions to get your questions answered, feedback on your ideas, and group coaching so nothing holds you back.
  • 1-year access to Members-Only Facebook Group to connect, get support, and boost accountability.
  • Weekly Derriere in the Chair Challenge emails and the chance to win prizes to give you that extra push you need to reach the final draft.
  • The Virtual Half-Day Right Book Writing Retreat to get hands-on help in a small group setting and a fast-track start to your finished book.
  • A 1-Hour Private Coaching Call with me to address any book issue related to writing, editing, marketing, or publishing your book.
  • 20 Weekly Virtual Group Writing Sessions to work shoulder-to-shoulder with other writers and me so you can make regular writing progress with that all-important outside accountability and writing rhythm.
  • Manuscript Review Service for up to 50,000 words to create a book that is not only polished but also professionally edited (a $3500 value!).

"It was Amy Anderson who took a good book and made it great. Amy, you are amazing, and I am grateful to have had your extreme talent infused into this project."

Darren Hardy
Success Mentor and New York Times Bestselling Author

"Now I feel like I'm accomplishing writing tasks each week. Amy’s trainings are easy to follow, make me think, and I feel like she shares everything in such a way that everyone can relate. I’d recommend working with Amy because she has the knowledge and expertise needed to take your writing to the next level. She's real, she shares, and she listens to us. In a nutshell, she's amazing at what she does."

Tricia Crawford
CEO/Lead Learning Strategist of TLC Media Design

"Amy Anderson is a word genius. I asked her a question I'd had on my mind for months about my forthcoming book. Within two minutes she had gifted me the exact feedback and direction I'd been searching for. One simple tip (from a pro) that I'll now be implementing in every chapter of my book."

Kimberly Rich
Certified High Performance Coach and Host of The Bold Life Movement Podcast

"We had a draft of my book "Real Leadership," and it needed serious work to organize, focus, and fine-tune the message. Amy edited the book and did an outstanding job. She took a great story and turned it into a great book. She has an outstanding sense of effective communication and messaging."

John Addison
Bestselling Author and CEO of Addison Leadership Group

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BONUS #1: The One-Stop Content Creation Plan

In this special training, you’ll walk through an easy-to-follow but powerful system for optimizing your content creation. With this plan, you’ll use your book content for ALL your content marketing – that means no more agonizing over social media, blog posts, or other free content during the time you’re writing your book. (This is the perfect way to free up the time you need to write your book!)

You’ll get:

  • The One-Stop Content Creation Plan training video where I show you how the plan works, what kind of content you can stop creating, and how to replace it with content from you book – even if it’s not finished yet.

  • The One-Stop Content Creation Plan downloadable guide so you can customize your plan for your platform, content channels, and marketing goals.

  • A special, live One-Stop Content Creation Planning Session with me and a small group where we walk through specific examples of this process in action and you get all your questions answered so you can step away from the content treadmill and start the journey to writing your book.

With the One-Stop Content Creation Plan, you’ll stop wasting time on content that’s not building your business and start investing time in a book that can do that and so much more.


BONUS #2: Special Guest Mastery Session on Marketing and Publishing

Are you overwhelmed by all the options for marketing and publishing your book?

Do you wish someone would just lay it all out in plain language so you can see clearly what’s right for you?

I’m excited to introduce you to Morgan McDonald, Founder and CEO of Paper Raven Books. Morgan will join us during our marketing and publishing month to offer bonus training from a publisher’s perspective.

You’ll get Morgan’s insight and professional experience on:

  • Self-publishing vs. traditional publishing
  • Sample timelines for the publishing process
  • What goes into high-impact book launches
  • How authors make it onto bestseller lists
  • What you need (and don’t need) for your ongoing book marketing plan

Save yourself hours of research and tons of anxiety by joining us for this information-packed, easy-to-follow session.


FAST ACTION BONUS: Private Book Marketing and Launch Strategy Session 

When you’re ready to talk tactics for your book’s marketing, you’ll get a one-on-one call with Morgan McDonald, Founder and CEO of Paper Raven Books. This is an incredible opportunity to get personalized guidance from a publishing pro. This bonus is ONLY AVAILABLE FOR 72 HOURS and ONLY 10 spots are available!


In your personal 1-hour consultation, Morgan will walk you through ideas for your own high-impact book launch. With Morgan as your guide, you’ll:

  • Discover how to build your email list as you launch your book, even if you don't have a big list...yet!
  • Brainstorm how you can get book sale momentum by forming your own launch team, even if it's a small but mighty group of rag-tag supporters.
  • Learn what you need to do to maximize the visibility of your book on Amazon and how Morgan's publishing company consistently gets books to hit #1 in Amazon categories.
  • Create a solid launch and long-term marketing plan, specific to your book and your business.

Your one-on-one strategy call with Morgan can be scheduled after her Special Guest Mastery Session, so you can apply what you learned to your own book journey.

HURRY! The FAST ACTION BONUS is only available for 72 hours. 


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I’ve designed this program to give you the entire process you need to write your book—the book you’ve dreamed of and that your people have been waiting for.

If you join the program, attend the sessions, and implement the tools, and you don’t see how this process can help you achieve your book-writing goal, simply send me an email within the first 30 days and you’ll receive a full refund – no problems, no hassle.

Have questions? Email me at [email protected] and let's chat.

"I have a bestselling book on Amazon now. I get SO MUCH credibility and opportunities from the book. I have recently recorded the audio book, and the engineer has done hundreds of books and says mine was very, very well written. I’m so lucky to have worked with Amy. She never takes over the book or dominates the work. Her concern was my voice first, then a bestseller second. I have almost flawless reviews on Amazon to show for it."

Shane Stott
Bestselling Author, CEO of Walker Tape Co, and Co-Founder of Zen Float Co.

"Amy has a sophisticated quality far superior to the “rock star” hype of other coaches. I’ve taken many, many courses. Hers hit the heart and the head."

LeighAnn Heil
Certified Marketing, Content and Copywriting Coach

Enrollment for the 2018 Mastermind has closed. 


Have Questions About The Right Book Mastermind?

In the first Month of our mastermind, we’ll help you clarify your mission, develop your message, and narrow down your book topic. As long as you have a general idea of what you’d like to write about – or a few topics to choose from – the guidance in this program will help you determine what topic is right for you right now.

Several times, authors have come to me with partial drafts of a book written. The approach is the same whether you’ve written 100 words or 10,000 words: We start by determining the right topic for right now. Then we lay out a strategy for the book organization so you’re delivering your message in the best way possible. As long as you are willing to go back and do this foundational work, and then return to writing, this program can offer you support, guidance, and structure on your journey so you don’t have to go it alone.

If you have a book already published, first let me say: Congratulations! That is a major accomplishment, and I’m glad to hear that you have another book dream. The writing process evolves as we do, and so do our topics, our audiences, and our stories. I would welcome you into this program and trust that you’ll find a fresh, exciting experience with your next book.

While I recommend that you take at least six months to complete your book writing, you can adjust the timeline to whatever suits your schedule, style, and needs. If you choose to aim for a shorter timeline, I encourage you to take all six steps in the program, even if you fast-track through a couple them. You can also take longer than six months to create your book, as you’ll have access to the program materials for a full year.

We’re so excited to offer a marketing and publishing Special Guest Mastery Session in The Right Book Mastermind. This intensive session will offer you guidance as you create your marketing plan and decide on the best publishing options for your particular circumstances. However, The Right Book program is aimed at helping you complete a written manuscript, not on the logistics of getting your document ready for upload or designing your book cover. That said, we want you to feel prepared to make the best choices you can. We will offer you recommended resources you can pursue to complete the publication process when your book is written and ready to go!

While we focus primarily on the writing process in this mastermind, in my experience bestseller status is attainable for some first-time authors. Of course, every publication and retail platform has different criteria for determining what makes your book a bestseller. A bestseller at the top of a niche list on Amazon and one at the top of the New York Times nonfiction list got to the top of those lists for very different reasons (some of them pretty subjective). The good news in the current state of bestsellers is that you have a considerable amount of control when it comes to setting up the right conditions for your own bestseller status. It’s basically a formula of great book + great marketing + great brand platform = great early sales of the book. We’re here to help you get the ingredients right so you can maximize your chance for success.

Over the years, I’ve met people who have deep calling to share their story with others. As an entrepreneur since 2004, I’ve seen firsthand the value of sharing my story, experience, and expertise with people I want to help. I created this program to help people promote their business, build their brand, and help others by writing a book about their experience and expertise. But for some people, the book they want to write isn’t related to their career. It is however related to their calling in this world. While there are aspects of this program that are tailored for maximizing a book’s benefit to a business, the 6-step process can apply to your nonfiction book whether it’s for business or pleasure. Join us!

Yes, I’d love to talk with you about your decision to join this mastermind. But hurry – we’re only admitting people to this group for a limited time. Email us at [email protected]

"Amy is masterful and I LOVE the results of working with her. She is a wizard with words and really gets what it takes to get your message across to whatever audience you are addressing."

Dr. Jackie Black, Ph.D., BCC
Marriage Expert, Educator and Board Certified Coach

"The coaching I’ve received from Amy has been incredible because it has forever changed my perspective on writing and more importantly, it’s given me more confidence in who I am and what I say. Honestly, Amy helped me feel that my story, told correctly, can be powerful."

David Branch
Founder of Branch Solutions Group

Writing a book is a transformative process for you, your readers, and your business.

It’s time you claim your dream and begin your book-writing journey.
2019 is your year.
The world is waiting to hear from you...


"Working with Amy resulted in a beautiful book. She pulled stories out of me that I didn't even think to add in. Amy truly added value to the book, and it wouldn't have been the same book without her."

Stacy Tuschl
Bestselling Author, High Performance Coach, and Host of She’s Building Her Empire



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