You know that light-bulb moment when people realize something new, something life changing? That's what Amy Anderson goes for in every speech. 

Amy delivers engaging, results-driven talks that offer individuals and organizations the kind of transformation and insight they need to build lasting success. Through her personal triumphs over abuse, alcoholism, and addiction, Amy sheds light on real tools for resilience, authenticity, and courage. And through her work with the world's leading experts and entrepreneurs, Amy guides audiences to personal growth and transformation in business and in life.

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Amy's true story of alcoholism, addiction, and the choice to live as read to the editors of SUCCESS. Listen here.

Amy talks grief, freedom, and daily habits for success, in the first of three interviews with Onward Nation host Stephen Woessner. Listen here.

Amy and Kelly Hatfield discuss the role of spirituality in leadership, Amy's mentor Darren Hardy, and the benefit of virtual teams: Listen here.

Host Joel Boggess asks Amy about building confidence to start a business, find clarity in your career, and succeed as a freelancer. Listen here.

To celebrate his 100th episode, Boss Academy host Paul Kirch talks with Amy about why her first business failed and her second succeeded, her favorite daily productivity hacks, and how we can overcome fear to embrace our true identities. Listen here.

Lori Highby asks Amy why she so candidly shares her personal struggles, her anxiety-beating tip for in-person networking, and her method of engaging on social media. Listen here.


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