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Hi, I'm Amy, and I love stories. 

Sharing my own story publicly was one of the biggest, scariest, and most rewarding decisions of my career. But when the editor-in-chief of SUCCESS magazine asks you to share your story with readers, you don't say no (read more here). As the article hit newsstands, I heard from strangers on social media and through my email daily. They shared with me incredible personal stories of their own and told me what a profound impact my story had on their hearts, minds, relationships, and perspectives.

Is that the kind of powerful impact you want to have with your story? 

Whether you've overcome challenges in your personal or professional life, those struggles and the paths you forged through them are treasures. You have experience that very few people have. By sharing it, you offer the people you want to serve the chance to enjoy the same kind of self-esteem, peace, and prosperity that you've achieved.

But telling your story alone is hard. That's where I come in. 

First, I want to help you get clear on what to tell. People ask me all the time: "How do I know what to put in and what to leave out?" We'll work together to develop your story idea, your book outline, or your article so that you know exactly what you need to leave out, put in, and not forget.

Second, I want to help you tell the actual story. As a ghostwriter and book editor, I've worked on bestsellers in self-help, entrepreneurship, health and wellness, and personal development. We'll talk about how much you want to write (or don't want to write) and what kind of relationship works best for you and your storytelling experience.

Your story is worth telling. Let's share. 


The Nitty-Gritty About Amy (hold on, it's a rough ride)

Amy Anderson is an Emmy Award-winning writer, book editor, speaker, and entrepreneur. She jumps out of bed every day to work with clients who have a calling to serve others, to make the world a better place, and to change lives. If you’d met her 20 years ago, you’d never believe any of this was possible.

Amy grew up in an abusive environment and started drinking at age 10. By the time she was in college on a full National Merit Scholarship, she was an alcoholic. It didn’t take her long to lose that scholarship. Her twenties were a blur of short-term jobs, relationships, and apartment leases. She faced and beat agoraphobia, developed chronic pain, and made several failed attempts to finish a college degree. As her drinking accelerated, she got married in an effort to straighten up and settle down. She was divorced within two years. In response to severe depression and suicidal urges that therapy didn’t solve, she sought relief in drugs. 

Within two more years, she was a daily drug and alcohol user, suffered seizures and hallucinations regularly, and lost nearly all of her relationships. She lived in a place with no running water, phone, or heat. She weighed 78 pounds, rarely bathed, and nearly died multiple times. Then one day, by an act of grace, she got sober. That was 15 years ago.

After getting help and staying sober, Amy finished her college degree in English and later did graduate studies in creative writing. She landed a job at the local ABC-TV affiliate and earned two Emmy Award nominations and one win for her work at the station. She started her own freelance writing business in 2005 and for three years worked with clients all over the country and remotely served on the editorial staffs of several magazines.

Later, she served as Managing Editor and then Senior Editor of SUCCESS magazine, where she worked with and interviewed acclaimed experts, celebrities, and leaders, and learned the essentials of success in life and business.

In 2012, she relaunched her business, Anderson Content Consulting LLC, and has worked with companies like Advisors Excel, Ryan, Predictive ROI, and Dell, as well as with clients like John Assaraf, Darren Hardy, John Addison, Stacy Tuschl, Shawn Achor, and Todd Duncan.

Today, Amy guides experts and purpose-driven entrepreneurs to uncover and share their stories to create lasting change for others. She also delivers keynotes that offer audiences insight into her personal experience in the areas of resilience, authenticity, and courage. Her trainings move people to self-discovery, transformation, and hope in dealing with their own challenges, as well as equipping them to handle those obstacles with time-tested and research-backed strategies.

As a writer, Amy believes that words are important, but in the end, it’s what we do that matters. Amy lives near Dallas, Texas, with her husband and son. The family enjoys traveling and hiking.  

To inquire about working with Amy one-on-one, send her or her staff a message here.


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