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Wanted: part-time virtual assistant who has a heart for stories

If you love keeping creative types organized, scheduled, and up-to-date (or know someone who does), we need your help. For real.

As a writer and strategist, I live in a fantasy land for a living. Let me tell you: It’s a beautiful way to make a living. But it gets tough when it’s time to respond to emails, set appointments, and follow up on the details. And it gets really tricky when sudden bursts of ideas take over and there’s no support from the left side of my brain to see them through.

I need a left brain. I need an administrative master. I need a spreadsheet whiz, a lover of process, and a client communicator. Someone who can be patient with the realities of working with an assertive, to-the-point creative person, who can shower my high-profile, creative clients with tough but forgiving love, and who can believe in the big picture of what my business is all about.

My work is to help people follow their deep heart’s calling and share their stories with the world in a way that changes lives. That’s a big responsibility. I’m looking for someone who wants to help me carry it. 

This isn’t just about administrative work or systems or customer service—although I need someone to be ready to tackle all of those. It’s about seeing the risk and vulnerability and transformation that happens on the regular with me and my clients—and honoring it with reliable support so we can continue to make word magic.

Are you our administrative master? 

Is my company that one you’ve been hoping for, so you can put your skills and talents to work in a way that has lasting impact? Visit my bio here to learn more about me and why I believe so strongly in the power of stories to change lives.

Then, if you think we might be a good fit, click the button below to read the specific requirements and fill out an application by May 30.

I hope to talk with you soon—and maybe work together one day!



To learn more about the position available, please click on the button above. After you submit an application, if you still have questions, you can send them to:

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