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Plan Outline & Write Your Book 4-Guide PDF Bundle

In this Bundle, you'll get:

1. Build Your Book-to-Business Bridge™ Guide

Don't wait for clients to find your book on Amazon. Create a solid, step-by-step bridge between your book and your business that helps readers turn into clients. In this downloadable easy-to-use guide, you'll get:

  • Clarity on your business vision so you know you're building a business you'll love.
  • The #1 thing your ideal clients need from your book and how to write about it.
  • How to give your readers the right mindset to move forward with you.
  • How to introduce readers to your services in a way that feels intuitive to them, so they want to become clients.
  • A roadmap to follow when you create your book outline, so you're sure to include content that serves future clients.


2. Book Topic Selection Tool

The right book topic helps your readers to see the value in working with your further. Choose the right book topic or narrow down the one you have with this selection tool. In this simple but effective guide, you'll get:

  • The 5 qualities of the right book for your business and your readers.
  • A worksheet to discover exactly what stage your readers are at now and how to help them continue forward.
  • A simple way to choose the right topic for you and your business goals.
  • A 3-step system to make sure your book topic fits with your business vision.


3. Book-to-Business Outline Guide

The right outline will not only help you organize your thoughts and ideas, but it will also serve as a roadmap for you as you write your book, ensuring that you stay on track. In this hands-on guide, you'll get:

  • The four most important sections of your nonfiction book outline.
  • A worksheet to organize your personal stories and case studies to create emotional impact.
  • How to choose what part of your expertise goes in the book and what to save for later.
  • How to include the exact results your readers need from your book.
  • Methods of outlining for different learning styles so you can create the right one for you.


4. The 7 Causes of Writer's Block and How to Break Through

Every writer, new or experienced, gets stumped sometimes. But writer's block is a symptom and not a problem in itself. Over the years, I've pinpointed 7 root causes of a block that you can identify and fix. In this powerful guide, you'll get:

  • The truth about writer's block and why it's not the real problem.
  • All 7 root causes and what they look like when they show up.
  • Worksheets for each root cause to help you immediately get rid of it and get moving.
  • Your personal top three sources of writer's block so you know what to watch for.
  • The specific actions you can take to get rid of your top sources of getting blocked.

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