What's the Biggest Mistake Self-Publishing Authors Make?

They don’t use a developmental editor. πŸ€“

Instead, they write the book and do this:

  • Ask a few friends to read it.
  • And then send it straight to a copyeditor for grammar and punctuation changes.

The result? A weak, confusing, long-winded but grammatically correct book. Developmental editing is vital to your book's success. 

Skipping this structural and stylistic editing round can weaken your reader’s response to your book, decrease the quality of your book reviews, and ruin your chance for significant sales. (Not to mention, drastically reduces the number of people you can help with all of your hard work!)

Manuscript Review Is the Answer

Get feedback from a professional editor before it's too late. 😳

Shortly after I wrote my first book, MAJOR doubt set in. 

Had I written about the right topics? Could I have used more emotion? Was it too wordy? Too boring? Too amateur?

Was it even any good AT ALL? 😫

I would have given almost anything to have a professional book editor read the book. I couldn't invest a lot of money in full-service editing. I just wanted someone to help me feel a deeper level of certainty that I’d written a good book. I could have even handled a few suggestions for improving it.

Today, as a book editor for New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling books, I’ve helped experts at all levels to get their message across in a way that resonates with readers, builds their reputation in the industry, and changes lives.

So I developed EXACTLY what I wanted back then for you to have now: Manuscript Review.

Manuscript Review Includes

Full Review

A professional read-through of your entire book draft, from title to closing thoughts, with developmental edits in mind.

Customized Report

A customized report detailing what works, what doesn’t, and what you can do about it, organized in a simple action plan.

One-on-One Consultation

A 30-minute consultation with me to review your report and answer any questions you may have about moving forward.

"It was Amy Anderson who took a good book and made it great."

Darren Hardy, success mentor and author of The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster

I’d love to read what you’ve written so far and help you make YOUR BOOK the best it can be.

You deserve a book you’re proud of in every way. 😍


Your customized report will include:

  • Your book's overall strengths
  • A review of your book's organization and flow
  • Suggested structural changes to help your reader absorb your content
  • An analysis of how well your book’s content aligns with your overall mission
  • A review of how effective your voice and tone are in reaching your audience
  • Tips for connecting more with your reader
  • Points of confusion and ideas for clarifying your message
  • Pinpoint locations of holes in your logic or writing flow
  • Places you could cut or expand
  • Suggestions for alternative titles, chapter headings, and more!

"Amy Anderson is a word genius. I asked her a question I'd had on my mind for months about my forthcoming book. Within 2 minutes she had gifted me the exact feedback and direction I'd been searching for. One simple tip (from a pro) that I'll now be implementing in every chapter of my book."

- Kimberly Rich, Certified High Performance Coach and Host of the The Bold Life Movement Podcast

Manuscript Review Is Right for You If...

You've written a book. πŸ€—

You have a completed draft of your book, or you will have one within 90 days of applying.

You're open to feedback.

You are open to feedback on the structure, style, voice, tone, and content of your book.

You want a quality book.

You want to know if your book is good before you get to the detailed work of punctuation and grammar editing.

Big Results

You don’t have to pay full price for a full-service book edit to get powerful developmental editing. Instead, you can get those game-changing results with Manuscript Review.



Full book review

Developmental editing

Line editing

Two rounds of client changes

Final copyediting

One-on-one consultation



Full book review

Developmental editing

Customized editorial report

Simple action plan you can complete yourself

One-on-one consultation


Discover What Manuscript Review Can Do For Your Book

Sometimes, you just need someone to tell you if you’re on the right track. 😊


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