Behind the scenes of my tell-all SUCCESS essay

Here’s the truth:

Sharing some of my most painful, shameful, and depressing moments with the world felt great. For about twenty seconds.

And then it felt horrible. Then great again. Then terrifying. Then freeing. Then crazy. Then gratifying.

It’s been a roller coaster of emotion over here at the Anderson house. (You ever have those days?)

So why in the world did I share this kind of deeply personal story in SUCCESS magazine? [Read it here]

Because over fifteen years ago, I walked into a room where one person was honestly, openly, brazenly sharing his own personal story. He talked about his fears, his selfish choices, his scars. And in his story, I heard echoes of my own.

Do you remember the moment you knew you weren’t the only one? The only outcast or the only failure or the only one who was different? It’s life-changing to realize that you’re none of those things—that you’re just human. Spectacularly, painfully, marvelously human.

I went up to that man after he finished talking and I thanked him for being so open with stories most people are ashamed to tell. I told him in the days that followed that his words were the reason I came back, got help, found my people.

That’s why I shared my own painful story with you and was willing to live in a lot of discomfort as it went out into the world. Because my story isn’t unique. I want you to know that if you’ve ever experienced anything like I have—or know someone else who has—you’re not the only one. You’re human, just like me.

I’ve already heard from some of you in emails and Facebook comments and tweets. I know the changes you pledge to make are not so much because of me but because it’s your time to shine.

Because here’s why I really wrote this story: I want you to know that just like mine, your story can change lives.

I’d be honored if you’d read mine. And if you like it, please share it, and maybe it will reach the person today who really needs it.

From the heart,


P.S. Here’s the link again: Please Read and Share

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