Writing takes courage

and clarity.



Amy writes to create new awareness in the mind and heart of her readers.

Emmy Award-Winning Writer

Amy has been published over 150 times. Her work has received a MIN Editorial Award nomination, two Emmy Award nominations, and one Emmy Award. 
But it's not the awards that make the work so rewarding. 
Amy started writing to deal with the feelings of a tough childhood. Her work is personal and professional, and she shares her candid story today in hopes of helping others through difficult times.



"I've had millions of articles written about me. Some have been award-winning, amazing writers. Yours however is the best one I've ever read in all of my life. You captured something beyond talent and training that made me stare at the pages as if the words would pulsate with heart beats! It's not merely that you captured me like a camera captures a moment. You also moved from room to room of my life with cinematic pace and vibrancy like NOTHING I have ever seen. To be clear, I'm strong enough to endure both negative and positive pieces written about me. But this article wasn't just accurate, it was magical. You writing style is truly a gift."

Bishop T.D. Jakes
Entrepreneur, Pastor, and New York Times Bestselling Author

SUCCESS magazine editor

Between 2008 and 2012, Amy served as managing and then senior editor of SUCCESS magazine. She has also served on the editorial staffs of five other publications in the lifestyle, design, home improvement, and parenting categories.
Her time with the SUCCESS team afforded her thrilling opportunities to meet, work with, and interview some of the world's most accomplished entrepreneurs, leaders, and celebrities.








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