You know that light bulb moment when people realize something new? Something life-changing? That's what Amy Anderson goes for in every speech.







Amy delivers engaging, results-driven talks that offer individuals and organizations the kind of transformation and insight they need to build lasting success.

Through her personal triumphs over abuse, alcoholism, and addiction, Amy sheds light on real tools for resilience, authenticity, and courage. And through her work with the world's leading experts and entrepreneurs, Amy guides audiences to personal growth and transformation in business and in life.


Who does Amy speak to most effectively?

  • Entrepreneurs who want to write a book, get published in magazines, or improve their overall messaging.
  • Speakers, experts, coaches, and consultants who want to clarify their mission and message.
  • Professionals in any industry who are willing to become more authentic, courageous, and vulnerable in how they relate to clients, coworkers, and loved ones.

Amy is a frequent guest on podcasts.

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